Making It Better

The free tuition college announcement made by Lee is very different. This program allows people of all ages to enroll. Beneficiaries don’t need to meet income requirements. Another exceptional program has been proposed by Gov.Andrew Cuomo of New York. He has proposed free tuition for the city as well as community college among residents from households that earn less than $125,000 a year.


A similar proposal was also put forward in Rhode Island by Gov.Gina Raimondo. She proposed a two-year free tutoring in-state colleges. This will benefit the first two years of college students and the remaining two years for students enrolled in four-year institutions. There are no income requirements in her plan. Tennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslam has suggested expanding the current free tuition program by including fresh high school graduates and adults.


Many individuals have hailed plans for free college tuition. Proposed programs only need legislative approval. Sanders has applauded New York’s plan and says it’s the model of the nation. San Francisco’s City College is also proud of the city’s initiative which will see their enrollment increase. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the college’s enrollment has been declining since 2012.


This program has also attracted many critics who are afraid of the wealthy receiving unnecessary handouts. Also, needy students with existing financial assistance may acquire duplicate programs. Private institutions are also worried about enrollment after community and city colleges start offering free tuition.


A country is as prosperous as its skilled and knowledgeable citizens. We need a free college education to empower those high school graduates from low-income families. The elderly also need to acquire new information.